Regard Magazine April 2014 featuring Lana Parrilla



imagine bucky and natasha whispering behind steve’s back in russian, just little harmless things like “he’s cute when he’s angry” and “if you tell him he’s got a nice ass he’ll turn the color of your hair” so steve decides he’s gonna learn some russian so he can understand what they’re saying about him, but it has an unintended side effect. bucky mumbles in his sleep when he’s restless, sometimes english or spanish or japanese, but most often in russian. usually it’s a litany of “don’t make me don’t make me please stop don’t make me i don’t want to” but every now and then it’ll be something along the lines of “begging for your life won’t make a fucking difference to me” and steve can’t decide which is worse

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we need to talk about shrek more

I am no one to revoke anyone’s Latin@/Latinx card but some of y’all need to be more self analytical and acknowledge that y’all benefit from your whiteness, and that anti-blackness works on a spectrum. 



Many of us heard this from our parents growing up.

My beautiful mother. I wish you would have never worked a day in your life porque ahora sufres tanto.
God willing everything will turn out well after your surgery, my strong queen💕


we need to protect and defend anthony mackie at all costs because he is a wonderful person who acknowledges the importance of representation and diversity and he is so goddamn enthusiastic and excitable and lovely. mackie is a gift to this world and we must elevate him to superstar levels.


Date a boy who worships you. Date a boy with talent, intellect, and snark. Date a boy with an angel’s voice. Date a boy who knows more languages than you. Date a boy who can sing. Date a boy who can serenade you with music and roses. Date a boy who kisses the hem of your dress. Date a boy who’s tall, dark, and mysterious. Date a boy who can teach you. Date a boy who would kill and kill for you again. Date the phantom of the opera.


here’s the thing:

  • respect sex workers, but
  • do not defend the porn industry